Patented Nano Technology

Tested by DGA Direction Générale de l'Armement & TÜV Rheinland. Certified by Intertek as a medical mask Class I - EN 14683:2019+AC 2019



100% Polyester / Water resistant / splash resistant


100% Polypropylene/ SMS FIlter layer (Spunbond / Meltblown/ Spunbond) Antibacterial


65% Polyester / 35% Cotton 99.9%/ Antimicrobial Nano Fabric

A spider-web-like microstructure biotech nano technology from the German company Freudenberg Filtration Technologies with hundreds of millions of micropores per square centimeter.

The biotech filter consists of three categories:

1. Depth that filtrates 99 % of particles,

2. Surface that filtrates 99.99% of particles.

3. The screen is like a sieve and is 100% effective in retaining particles larger than the filter’s pore size.

The microporous COSMO+ MASK can filtrate all particles larger than 0.3 μm diameter. The coronavirus is <0.1 μm diameter and mainly transmits through droplets and aerosols, which are generally greater than 5 μm and 1 μm diameter.

The Cosmo+ mask also protects against pollen and bacteria such as fungi, algae, mold, and mildew. The Multi-layer Nano biotech filtration (air filter & cleaner) Chemicals free & Deodorization.

Comfortable and breathable when wearing for a long time: soft nose bridge, elastic cord and an outstanding breathing resistance. The breathing level is mmH2) at 1.8.

Why should we wear a face covering?

Face coverings reduce the spread of coronavirus droplets from coughs, sneezes and speaking.

They should mainly be worn to protect other people from coronavirus, rather than yourself.

When worn correctly, they should cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission.

They can help to reduce the spread of the virus from people who are contagious, including those who have no symptoms, or are yet to develop them.

There is also evidence they can offer some protection to the wearer, although they are not a replacement for social distancing



Product specification

  • 99% Filtration of particles larger than 0.3 diamter tested and approved by DGA French Army
  • Certified by Intertek as a medical mask class I - EN 14683:2019+AC 2019
  • Washable, disinfect-able and usable up to 20 times vs. single use melt-blown fabric mask
  • 3D tailored mask design increases the space between mouth, nose and mask and allows for smooth breathing.
  • UV Protection UPF 50+ certified by INTERTEK
  • Patented Biotech Nano technology filter by Freudenberg Filtration Technology
  • 100% Water resistant certified by INTERTEK
  • Non-woven, skin-friendly, allergy-friendy, comfortable and breathable (TÜV Test)
  • Elastic ear straps loops with silicone adjustment buckles secures fit on all face types and sizes
  • Wrinkle-free material, easy to maintain
  • Outer Layer:100% Polyester - Water resistant - splash resistant
  • Middel Layer: 100% Polypropylene - SMS filter layer - Antibacterial
  • Inner Layer: 65% Polyester - 35% Cotton 99.9% - Antimicrobial Nano Fabric
  • Application: Daily use
  • Best before: 36 months unopened
  • Storage: Avoid direct light / Room temperature
  • Recommended usage time: 160 hours (Without damaging the filter-film
  • Machine wash in 60 degrees do NOT iron the mask
  • Packaging is sterilized by E.O gas
  • Tested by DGA General Bureau de Arméee  Filtration 99% 
  • Tested by TÜV Rheinland
  • Cetified by INTERTEK
  • ISO 9001: 2015
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